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The final day of The Lima Major 2023 playoffs has come to an end. The champion was Gaimin Gladiators. See the results of the decisive matches and the final rankings in our story.

The Lima Major 2023 bottom draw final results

Talon Esports



Team Liquid

On both maps, Швеция Team Liquid made the decision to take early dominance drafts, which played its part. “Liquid”, playing with substitutes, won dryly without any resistance, leaving Таиланд Talon Esports out of the Grand Finals of The Lima Major 2023.

Results of The Lima Major 2023 Grand Final

Gaimin Gladiators



Team Liquid

Following the first clash, the eyes of the audience were drawn to The Lima Major 2023 Grand Final, which Европа Gaimin Gladiators Europe approached as the clear favorite. On all three maps,  Швеция Team Liquid Sweden gave their most sought-after core player, Lina Lina, to Россия Anton ‘dyrachyo’ Shkredov, which allowed the Gladiators to build comfortable drafts around this character.

On the first card, the Европа Gaimin Gladiators gained dominance from the laning stage and converted their advantage in the mid-game.  Швеция Team Liquid was unable to counter                    Timbersaw Timbersaw from США Quinn ‘Quinn’ Callahan.

 The second card went without any struggles, with Нидерланды Melchior ‘Seleri’ Hillenkamp’s team taking   a 2-0 lead in the series thanks to a quality draft.

On the third and final map, Европа Gaimin Gladiators surprised their opponent and took Witch Doctor Witch Doctor to the third position.  Швеция Team Liquid also showed off “hidden” billets in the form of            Ancient Apparition Ancient Apparition for Польша Michal ‘Nisha’ Jankowski and Tiny Tiny for Швеция Mike ‘miCKe’ Wu. Европа Gaimin Gladiators won the fight against unconventional draft picks, becoming the champion of The Lima Major 2023.

 Composition of the Gaimin Gladiators:

  1. Россия Anton ‘dyrachyo’ Shkredov;
  2. США Quinn ‘Quinn’ Callahan;
  3. Дания Markus ‘Ace’ Folke Helgard Christensen;
  4. Германия Eric ‘tOfu’ Angel;
  5. Нидерланды Melchior ‘Seleri’ Hillenkamp;
  • Дания Aske ‘Cy-‘ Larsen (Coach).

The Lima Major 2023 Final Seat Allocation

  • 1st place – Европа Gaimin Gladiators ($200,000 + 400 DPC points);
  • 2nd place – Швеция Team Liquid ($100,000 + 350 DPC points);
  • 3rd place – Таиланд Talon Esports ($75,000 + 300 DPC points);
  • 4th place – Мир Shopify Rebellion ($50,000 + 250 DPC points);
  • 5th-6th place – Европа Entity, Перу Evil Geniuses ($25,000 + 200 DPC points);
  • 7th-8th place – Китай Team Aster, Россия Team Spirit ($12,500 + 100 DPC points);
  • 9th-12th place – Россия HellRaisers, Китай PSG.LGD, Перу beastcoast, Европа Tundra Esports (no prize money);
  • 13-14th place – Мир TSM, Филиппины Geek Slate (no prize money);
  • 15-16th place – Филиппины Execration, Россия BetBoom Team (no prize money);
  • 17-18th place – Китай EHOME, Китай Knights (no prize money).

The Lima Major 2023 was held from February 22 to March 6 in Lima, Peru. The tournament participants competed for a prize pool of $500,000 and 1,900 DPC points.

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