NeoGames & Caesars: Boosting US iGaming & Betting

Discover how the successful partnership between NeoGames and Caesars Entertainment is fueling growth in the iGaming and online sports betting industry, as they continue to innovate and expand in the competitive US market.

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NeoGames & Caesars

NeoGames and Caesars Entertainment have expressed satisfaction with their collaboration, prompting both companies to proactively revise their already prosperous partnership. Consequently, the existing license agreement with a Caesars Entertainment affiliate has been extended.

In light of the updated and enhanced collaboration, NeoGames will persist in offering Caesars a sublicense for its cutting-edge NeoSphere platform, which serves as an advanced Player Account Management solution. This arrangement allows Caesars to continue utilizing state-of-the-art platforms and systems by NeoGames to manage its thriving iGaming and online sports betting enterprises, which have been instrumental in the company’s overall achievements and aspirations in the US market.

During the sublicensing agreement’s term, NeoGames will maintain a close relationship with Caesars, providing assistance in various operations. Furthermore, NeoGames will help Caesars transfer any operations currently on the NeoGames platform to Caesars’ own, as outlined in the press release. Moti Malul, NeoGames CEO, expressed enthusiasm for the new deal, which guarantees a certain net profit level for the partnership’s duration.

Malul reaffirmed NeoGames‘ commitment to delivering industry-leading services to Caesars and working intimately with the company’s team to achieve the best possible outcomes for Caesars’ online betting and iGaming divisions in the regulated US gambling market. Expectedly, Caesars Digital President Eric Hession also welcomed the agreement.

Hession conveyed his appreciation for the dedication and robust support from the NeoGames team over the years, emphasizing the significance of NeoGames’ technology in the success of their online sports betting and iGaming operations. He lauded NeoGames as a valuable tech partner and expressed keen interest in continuing their collaboration as Caesars expands its iGaming and interactive betting presence in the United States.

The initial partnership between the companies has been prolonged for an additional three years, featuring automatic renewals unless either party opts to terminate the agreement. As the alliance between NeoGames and Caesars Entertainment moves forward, both parties can anticipate continued growth and success in their respective ventures. With their combined efforts, they will undoubtedly make a significant impact on the US iGaming and online sports betting markets, setting new standards for innovation and customer satisfaction in the process.

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